“Dr. Kennedy’s is a leading authority in the field of the heart-mindconnection and the impact of sudden and chronic stress upon individuals’ health and wellbeing. His highly innovative ‘BREATHE for Wellness’ program is pioneering for its positive impact on stress mitigation, particularly in the context of workforce health management. His mobile application of self-guided sensory-enhanced visualizations reduces stress, promotes resiliency and mental conditioning. It has been field-tested in medical facilities, with emergency first-responders, on corporate campuses and elementary schools. Research studies on the BREATHE program powerfully demonstrate its efficacy and its contribution to wellbeing.”

William Faidi,

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Tribeca Companies, LLC

"Big Mind, Brave Heart, Bright Future" was the perfect introduction for our high school's Health Fair held in February, 2009. Dr. Kennedy’s informative and interesting presentation on stress reduction and heart health captured the attention of 9th -12th grade students. His overview of heart anatomy and physiology was not only age appropriate for our students, it also served as a great refresher for the non-science teachers in the audience! How Dr. Kennedy explained the connection between the cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous systems allowed the students to better understand the systems' relationship and the positive affect that simple breathing exercises can have on our body. As today's teens are facing situations and making decisions that seem to be beyond their years, learning simple stress reduction and relaxation techniques may be part of the solution in assisting them to handle life's many challenges while leading healthier lives. Thank you Dr. Kennedy for taking time from your busy schedule to share your time and talents with our students!

Jeanne Fisher, RN, BSN, MBA/HCM

Director of the Health Careers Program

Saint Mary's Academy, Inglewood, CA

"Dr Kennedy's presentation, Managing Stress in the Workplace--A Cardiologist's Perspective, is timely and important. As a cardiologist he speaks from his heart and helps us understand the importance of being mindful and conscious of the heart-brain connection. His message is simple and essential for managing stress in the workplace as well as in our everyday lives."

Dean Ornish, M.D.

author, The Spectrum and Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

"Doctor Kennedy's presentation on managing stress in the workplace is riveting. His talk is filled with identifiable stories as well as timely, relevant data that supports his simple yet poignant concept--stress is bad and relaxation is good for our hearts. He ends leaving the audience with a helpful and easy-to-learn tool that people can apply to their stress-filled lives immediately. He gave our workplace a breath of fresh air!"

Sharon Piper-Diggs

Director of Talent Acquisitions & Diversity/Inclusion

“Thank you for bringing Dr. Kennedy. His presentation was timely, reinforcing for me what I need to continue doing to increase my heart’s health. He was engaging and informative. I will definitely be sharing the information with my friends and family.”

Karen Eischen

Quality Consultant
WBU Customer Advocacy
Agilent Technologies

“Dr. Kennedy's presentation is exceptional!!! His message is timely and pertinent to kids faced with multiple stresses in their lives today. Whether it's cheerleading try-outs or SAT scores, he shows how a simple stress-management tool helps them focus, concentrate and feel successful. His message is simple and applicable to everyday life and his energetic and enthusiastic delivery helps kids retain and use this vital formation.”

Teri Vyenielo

Rockas Project Coordinator, Marin County Peer Summit
Healthy Marin Partnership
Summit Health, Marin County, California

“Dr. Kennedy's program "Big Mind, Brave Heart, Bright Future" is outstanding! I know that kids walk away from his lecture inspired and encouraged to have a much bigger concept of who they are and what they could be. He shows them how to use their imaginations, discover their passions, and use his simple tool to focus and achieve their goals. It's an incredibly important and inspiring program.”

“His lecture entitled Stress in the Workplace--A Cardiologist's Perspective is told from an interesting vantage point--from the inside out. He effectively makes a complex subject, the heart-brain connection, seem simple and shows how his accessible stress-management tool can help protect our hearts from stress in the workplace. Dr. Kennedy knows what he's talking about and makes the importance of it come alive when he talks about it.”

Martin L. Rossman, MD

Author of Guided Imagery for Self-Healing
Founder of www.thehealingmind.org

“We were delighted to have Dr. John Kennedy train our middle school students in an easy-to-use strategy for relieving stress and achieving their goals. Students report using B.R.E.A.T.H.E. before taking tests, to help them calm and focus during sports and at times when they feel stressed in their lives. We thank him for his time and devotion to health.”

Joanne Golden

Dean of Students
Sinaloa Middle School

"Dr. Kennedy's presentation on Managing Stress in the Workplace was extremely relevant and timely. He showed real-life examples which emphasized the dangers of stress and how it adversely affects our hearts. Most importantly, he provided an easy to learn tool that will help protect our most valuable asset at UPS--our people."

Ron Meyer

Operations Manager
United Parcel Service

BREATHE™ technique

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